Experience sound, design and technology beautifully united. Listen to different artists in different rooms, or the same artist in all rooms at the same time, giving you a unique sound experience even whilst you are moving from room to room. All our Multiroom products can be experienced alone or connected to each other. Read more about our Multiroom solution.


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From: 2,460

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From: 1,470

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Winner of Design Awards 2019


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Bang & Olufsen Multiroom

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Bang & Olufsen Multiroom


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All our Bluetooth speakers are made of exclusive, carefully selected and luxurious materials. At the same time, we offer a palette of beautiful and elegant colours to suit your style and interior. All models have an honest, clean and powerful Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, designed to give you sound the way the artist intended to – authentic and forceful with no tweaks or over-emphasized elements. Bring the sound with you at home or enjoy it outside on a summer evening. With a bluetooth speaker from B&O PLAY, you will always have the flexibility at your fingertips.

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Treat your music collection with the respect it deserves. Let a Bang & Olufsen sound system be the primary source of music in your home. Technology is evolving all the time, and audio formats come and go. But Bang & Olufsen’s design philosophy does not change even though the times change. Let a Bang & Olufsen sound system make the most of your own collection of personal classics, or discover new favorites through Deezer, Spotify Connect or TuneIn.

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Bang & Olufsen Multiroom

Do you also agree that the music should not only sound good but also look good? A Bang & Olufsen sound system is much more than amazingly good sound – it’s a design study that gives personality and style to your home. Our speaker systems contains more advanced features and is created for you. Whether you enjoy your music at home or you need freedom to take it in the garden, the park, on the boat – there is definitely a Bang & Olufsen sound system that will suit your needs.

“I think the less you complicate things, the more interesting people will think they are. Let’s clean up and simplify the technological mess. Let’s go back to the original ideas. Let’s do it the Bang & Olufsen way.